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Win32 PS2 YaBasic Port

On this page you will find a binary version of an emulator for PS2 YaBasic under Windows32. The emulator will run most YaBasic programs written for PS2. The primary use is checking your YaBasic programs before publishing them on the internet.

System requirements: Lots of speed, lots of RAM, Windows 2000 (98 or ME may work but are not tested because of lack of licenses) and a graphics card that supports OpenGL.

This program may be downloaded for testing purposes only. There is absolutely no warranty that it will work or will not damage your system. There is no warrenty that it is free of logic bombs and virusses etc. etc.

Your license for this product is restricted. You may not sell, give away or otherwise re-distribute this program without prior written permission of the author. When a certain amount of stability is reached this program's license will be less strict.

Screen Shots

To see the program in action click here or here. The first shot can be made with the circles.p2y sample. The second one is really cool and can be reproduced with rotating_trinagle.p2y from the samples section.


The Windows32 port of YaBasic now moved to SourceForge. For the moment I still will mirror the binary releases on this site, although the primary site for the project is now:

How to help

Help by downloading the software. Post bug reports on the sourceforge project page or mail them to the mailing list win32yabasic-general@lists.sourceforge.net.

Also, please browse through the task list. If you feel you could do any of the unassigned tasks, or help on the open tasks please register as a developer and take the task. Also if you want to add a task or expand functionality, feel free to do the same. Before starting something it may be a good idea to mail us first to check if nobody already has done. Maybe if it is in progress you can help.


See the source forge project page for news and status.

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